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Hubert Cumberdale

Democracy, yes?

Posted on 2008.12.03 at 10:15
Stephane Dion is paying heavily for his hoped-for six months at 24 Sussex Dr. He started Monday with his principles.

The would-be prime minister, who first arrived in Ottawa to fight on the unity front and authored the Clarity Act, a significant federalist achievement, sat next to Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe and welcomed his signature on a document that could give separatism its greatest advance since the departure Rene Levesque.

The document is a deal that would let the Liberals and the New Democratic Party try to run the country for the next 18 months, propped up by Duceppe's 49 MPs. Mr. Dion and NDP leader Jack Layton welcomed the pact with speeches about democracy and their overwhelming concern for the country. Mr. Duceppe skipped all that and got straight to the point: he signed on because it furthers his ambitions in Quebec, and he'll abide by it as long as that's the case.

Initially he agreed to just 18 months, with an option for an additional 12 months if conditions warrant - i.e. if he can still extract enough concessions to make it worthwhile. To win his signature Mr. Layton and Mr. Dion agreed to a number of demands that will elevate Quebec to special status in Confederation, well above any of the other provinces or territories, even as it draws billions every year in equalization payments paid by those same regions.

From here.

There are millions and millions of Albertans who didn't vote Liberal or Bloc or NDP or for a "mutant hybrid" of the three. And yet, here's the "leaders" they didn't vote for brokering deals that will see billions of dollars stolen from them, for the sole purpose of furthering the political ends of said leaders.

This is total and complete nonsense. Intelligent, principled Governance is clearly the last thing on these scumbags minds - it's all about grabbing, holding and retaining power.

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