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Hubert Cumberdale

Simpsons Jumps the Shark

Posted on 2008.12.01 at 21:01
Well, it finally happened. I turned off a new Simpsons episode right in the middle. It took this show nearly two decades to evoke in me the sort of instant apathy I reserve for a great deal of other television shows, but there it is.

The problem with said episode was the absolute boot-licking obsequiousness shown in general for populist liberal sensibilities. It's not that the show inflamed my own political leanings - its that it betrayed the very basis and foundation upon which the Simpsons has stood as a pillar of comedic satire for so long: namely, subversiveness. The often subtle yet razor-sharp manner in which the Simpsons previously took on populist notions (from both the left and right) was mainly what won the show a place in my heart. Until now.

Last night, the plot featured Bart meeting a Muslim family and Homer predictably playing the antipode to the prevailing American zeitgeist by being as boorishly xenophobic and prejudiced as possible. Even that would have been somewhat acceptable if it hadn't been so ham-fisted in it's delivery (I think Marge actually said something about tolerance and diversity being virtues) and so grossly derivative overall (they might as well have been chasing after Family Guy - and therefore All in the Family - crying: "Us too! Us too! We can be terribly, terribly liberal! We can fellate the Democrats!").

It's sad to see it go, but it's amazing the show lasted as long as it did I guess.

RIP Simpsons. You're numerous seasons of actually good material will grant me solace.

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