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Hubert Cumberdale

We're through the look glass here people!

Posted on 2008.10.21 at 12:46
Im not interested in recounting the whole ridiculous CHRC vs. Ezra Levant thing here. The gist is: some nonsense political body is trying to prosecute Levant for something he wrote under the the odious umbrella of "hate crimes" (ie, thought crime).

The trial in the kangaroo court of political opinion has been on-going for awhile. As if the whole thing wasn't disgusting enough, there's been a new twist pop up recently:

If the commissioners find me guilty, they'll prosecute me before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. In the thirty years they've been prosecuting section 13 "hate speech" cases, they've never lost. Political prosecutors in Iran and China would be impressed.

But here's where Dagenais becomes a symbol of everything that's wrong with the CHRC and its censorship fetish: she blacked out portions of my defence before passing it on to the commissioners. Seriously -- she censored what I wrote in my own defence, before she passed it along to the people who will sit in judgment of me. She's only allowing me to say things in my defence that she approves in advance. Look at the version of my letter she's passing on: several of my arguments are blacked out.

That's right. The monkeys are trying to censor his defense in effort to...censor him. In Orwell's 1984, Winston's job was to black out sections of documents wasn't it?

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