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Hubert Cumberdale

100 Months! OMFG!!

Posted on 2008.08.27 at 09:58
Apparently, the new, new left environmentalist fascists only have 100 months to save us all from ourselves. After that, the magical "tipping point" will be reached when run-away positive feed-back systems will engage and bake us like bread in the oven.

At least they have the balls to give us a date. Y2k anyone?

Notice the fucking ads along the bottom of the page. "This ominous message of doom and self-righteous indignation brought to you by..."


kocane at 2008-09-01 01:06 (UTC) ()
Perhaps Im throwing around labels haphazardly. And perhaps the typical labels are becoming more and more fuzzy. But what I see out of the evironmentalist camp these days so completely resembles the progressive, technocratic authoritarianism of the early 20th century that it seems completely and utterly leftist to me - both in motivation and in political execution.

I can leave aside ideological labels in the final analysis if Im proven mistaken however. What I can say for certain is that these people are idiots and they annoy me know end.

on another note - are you ever coming back out here?
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